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6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Wedding Dress in Nairobi, Kenya

Picture this; your wedding day is approaching fast, you have booked your ideal wedding location, made all the reservations and bookings, but have not found THE dress yet. It can be really discouraging. Many brides-to-be picture an amazing time shopping for and fitting different wedding dresses in Nairobi, getting to know about trendy wedding dress styles etc. I mean which lady would not like to spend the entire day trying on beautiful clothes? In all honesty, wedding dress shopping can […]


Questions to ask when Choosing a Wedding Venue (Before you Hire)

The proposal came and no doubt it filled you with joy and all the feels 🙂 . The next step needs to be planning where you will have your wedding. This may be the biggest decision you will make leading to your big day since everything else will be truly dependent on where you have your wedding. We cannot emphasize how much you need to ensure that you get the wedding venue in Nairobi, Kenya right. No doubt you want […]


Choosing a Wedding Venue in Kenya (COVID-19)

Picking a wedding venue is a huge deal for any couple. If you are like many couples, this may be the most daunting task as you prepare for the big day. While it all comes down to your personal preference, it is imperative to consider several things before making that final decision. Will your wedding be outdoors or indoors? Big or small? Glamourous? Rustic? Can you find a venue that is affordable and convenient? And, does the venue comply with […]


Kenyan Weddings During COVID-19

You get lavished with an out-of-this-world surprise engagement and are on top of the world because yes, finally he proposed and you are well on your way to walking down the aisle. You fantasize about the amazing dress you will be in, the huge cake, your family and friends being all around you then BOOM, COVID-19 happens and you can only have 100 people attending your wedding. What do you do? Acceptance The first step to a successful wedding in […]