Should You Consider Having a Micro Wedding in Nairobi, Kenya?


With wedding attendance reduced to 30 people per wedding in Kenya, many engaged couples are considering postponing the weddings to a later date. However, all hope is not lost, you can totally have the wedding of your dreams. The catch is that it may be smaller than you had initially considered. Before you write me off, see below why a micro wedding may be the best wedding for you.

  1. Smaller guestlist

At the moment, you are allowed to have a maximum of 30 guests at your wedding in Nairobi. As Africans, we pride ourselves in having elaborate weddings where many people attend in order to witness the children in this very important rite of passage. With a smaller guest list, you are able to invite those people you care most about and also protect others during this time. Furthermore, so that more people can witness your nuptials, you can plan to stream the entire wedding so that more people can be involved.

  1. Quality time with your guests

With fewer people, you can concentrate on really enjoying your wedding with the few people that matter most to you. During a wedding with many people, you find that some of the invited guests may not get the chance to interact with you. With a micro wedding in Nairobi Kenya, you can rest assured that you will interact with everyone who attends.

  1. Friendly budget

With fewer people involved, you can focus on spending on those things that matter. You can splurge on that luxury wedding dress of your dreams. As this is the one day when you are the centre of attention, it is imperative that you look and feel your best in the wedding gown that you love the most. You can also spoil your guests with the best food and décor since you do not have to spend so much on very many people.

  1. More relaxed vibe

With a more intimate wedding with fewer people, you will be more relaxed enabling you to enjoy your day to the maximum.

  1. Planning is less of a hustle

Planning any wedding is not easy. However, when the numbers are fewer, it makes it less daunting of a task since you do not have to worry about too much food or locations. You are able to focus that the people you are inviting are safe and comfortable and that they have the best time.

Consider having a micro wedding, it may just be the magical fairytale wedding in Nairobi that you have been dreaming about!

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