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5 Things Your Nairobi Bridal Consultant Wants you to Know

Shopping for a wedding dress is one of those activities before your wedding that you have to pay utmost importance to. To make your experience better at any Nairobi Bridal Shop, we always have bridal consultants whose guidance can be key to your getting your dream wedding dress. As you shop for your dress, what do they want you to keep in mind? Always shop early It is recommended that you shop for your dress 6 months to 9 months […]


Wedding Dress Shopping Don’ts

Last week, we covered what you should do as you shop for your wedding dress. Today we cover what to avoid at all costs since you only have so much time to plan your wedding. We want you to love and cherish your time buying a wedding dress in Nairobi so let’s begin. Don’t shop without a budget Smart wedding dress shopping requires you to set a budget before you book your appointment at a bridal shop in Nairobi. This […]

Wedding Dress Shopping in Kenya: What should you do?

When you are newly engaged, it can be overwhelming to think about where to begin with your wedding dress shopping. While planning for your wedding, it is important to set aside ample time to choose the ideal wedding dress since this is the one thing you get to do for yourself. Much as the wedding is a social event that involves your families, it is important to remember that on this day, you need to look and feel your best […]