6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Wedding Dress in Nairobi, Kenya


Picture this; your wedding day is approaching fast, you have booked your ideal wedding location, made all the reservations and bookings, but have not found THE dress yet. It can be really discouraging. Many brides-to-be picture an amazing time shopping for and fitting different wedding dresses in Nairobi, getting to know about trendy wedding dress styles etc. I mean which lady would not like to spend the entire day trying on beautiful clothes? In all honesty, wedding dress shopping can be a daunting task, but with the handy guide below, we can make it easier and most of all, FUN

  1. What do you like?

Seriously, what styles do you like? This is the hardest question to answer as a bride because it could be that you have dreamed of a certain dress, or you saw something somewhere ie Solange’s all white wedding style. Wedding dress styles are many, ranging from Tea Length, Jumpsuits, Ball gowns, A-line, Fit and flare, Sheath gowns; the list is pretty long and if you are a newbie, you need to do your research. This helps you have an idea of what you would love to walk down the aisle in. This way, your wedding dress consultant can know where to begin.

  1. Be open to trying new styles

Wedding styles like all matters fashion evolve really fast and you could get something better than you had hoped for if you do not restrict yourself to the styles that you know. Your bridal shop consultant is an expert in that field, do not be afraid to ask for help. Ultimately, there’s a way you will feel in your dress, trust that feeling whatever style it is. After all, you want to feel the most beautiful on your big day.

  1. Budgets

If cash was not an issue, damn we’d get the most exclusive, most beautiful wedding dress money can buy. However, it is important to consider your budget. The best way to prevent yourself from going way overboard with cash is to only try on dresses that are within your budget. If your budget has wiggle room, then by all means, go for it. You deserve to feel like the queen of the earth on your big day.

  1. Stay true to your size

You’ve probably heard stories of brides who tell themselves that they will lose weight in order to fit into that perfect dress. Wedding dresses are a really important factor in that wedding day equation. We understand the need to look your best on your big day, however, shop within your size to avoid mishaps and disappointments down the line. Always remember; You are PERFECT, Now.

  1. Shop Early

This is self-explanatory. It is important to go to your preferred bridal shop in Nairobi early so that you are not rushing to buy a wedding dress a month to your big day. The best wedding dresses in Kenya usually require adjustments and that will definitely take time since a lot of care goes into getting your dress just right. Some bridal shops in Kenya require you to pay rush fees if you want the dress quicker than your consultant can manage.

  1. Set aside a considerable amount of time for shopping

Getting the best wedding dress in Nairobi definitely takes a lot of time. You will need to try on quite a few to get the best wedding dress for you. You are also advised to bring shoes that may be closest to what you will wear since the wedding dress needs to be complemented by great shoes, makeup and accessories. Just to be sure, call your preferred bridal shop in Nairobi to confirm whether they also have the accessories that would complete your wedding look.

So there you have it, a quick guide into what you should consider. There are many more things which we will be addressing in time, however, do give us your feedback on what you think brides-to-be should consider. Also, if you have shopped for dresses before, what did you consider? We’d love to know.

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