5 Things Your Nairobi Bridal Consultant Wants you to Know


Shopping for a wedding dress is one of those activities before your wedding that you have to pay utmost importance to. To make your experience better at any Nairobi Bridal Shop, we always have bridal consultants whose guidance can be key to your getting your dream wedding dress. As you shop for your dress, what do they want you to keep in mind?

  1. Always shop early

It is recommended that you shop for your dress 6 months to 9 months in advance especially if you want your dress designed specifically for you. There are aspects such as fittings, adjustments and shipping that take a considerable amount of time. As you plan your wedding, please ensure that you have ample time dedicated to ensuring that your wedding dress fits your perfectly.

  1. Shop for your body shape

Now, as ladies, we tend to obsess over the size on the dress as opposed to how comfortable the wedding gown is, or even how it accentuates your best features. As you do your wedding dress shopping, make sure that the wedding gown flatters your best features. Don’t worry too much about the dress size, as long as your look awesome and feel the best at your wedding, trust me, that size will not count.

  1. Do your research

We cannot reiterate how important research is as you shop for the ideal wedding dress. It allows you to know what you like and helps your bridal consultant be in a position to help you better as you look for your dream wedding dress.

  1. Make requests ahead of your appointment

By now, we know that you should not just walk in to a bridal shop right?  You want to get all the attention you require to make the best choice in a relaxed environment; after all you are special. To make your appointment even more productive for you, it is recommended that you make requests of the types of wedding dresses you’d want to see beforehand as it helps the bridal consultant source for what you’d prefer.

  1. Hidden costs can add up

When we say hidden costs, we mean costs for things like accessories, adjustments, wedding shoes, belts and veils. These are usually not factored in the price of the dress and many brides make the error of not including these costs into their wedding dress budget. Your bridal consultant can help you choose wisely, maybe another wedding dress that already has certain accessories or another choice that requires fewer alterations.

Your bridal consultant in Nairobi should be in a position to help you find the best wedding dress for you. They should also ensure that your experience shopping for a wedding dress is awesome. @SidaiBrides we ensure that all our brides are given an unforgettable wedding dress shopping experience. Book your appointment today!

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