Kenyan Weddings During COVID-19


You get lavished with an out-of-this-world surprise engagement and are on top of the world because yes, finally he proposed and you are well on your way to walking down the aisle. You fantasize about the amazing dress you will be in, the huge cake, your family and friends being all around you then BOOM, COVID-19 happens and you can only have 100 people attending your wedding. What do you do?


The first step to a successful wedding in Kenya during these murky times is actually admitting and accepting that things will be a bit different from what you expected. You may need to adjust your plans accordingly in order to accommodate the changes that have been put in force by the government to keep you and your family safe. Plan adjustment may need you to evaluate when and where your wedding will take place. It will be great to discuss this with your fiancé(e) first so that you are on the same page.

Breaking the news

If you decide to postpone the wedding, you will need to inform those whom you had invited. If you decide to have a smaller wedding, you need to inform your family members, friends; some of whom may not take it kindly that the wedding will not be elaborate. You have to figure out what is important to you as a couple and go with exactly that.

Planning the wedding

It is a no-brainer that many weddings in Kenya in the near future will not be grand elaborate feats due to the COVID restrictions that are not being relaxed any time soon. Couples should take this opportunity to plan a wedding that is focused on them. This may mean purchasing that dreamy luxury designer wedding dress in Nairobi or having that intimate location you loved so much when you were first dating but couldn’t have due to the guests being too many. Whatever you want for yourself on your big day, COVID could mean that you can have it without restriction!

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