5 Tips to Ace Your First Bridal Shop Appointment in Nairobi


You are well into the planning stage of your wedding in Nairobi and you just landed a wedding dress fitting appointment at Sidai Brides in Runda. How do you ensure that you get the most out of your appointment?

  1. Come prepared with a budget

In any bridal shop in Nairobi, rest assured there will be a range of wedding dress styles which will all be at different costs. It is really key to come for the first appointment with your budget in mind so you can avoid falling in love with a wedding dress you just cannot afford. You do not want to be a frustrated bride-to-be.

  1. Bring just a few close people

As a bride-to-be, you may be tempted to bring in a whole entourage to assist you to pick the best wedding dress. However, having too many people can work to your disadvantage because you may want their approval in choosing the right wedding dress. Ultimately, as you choose a wedding dress, it needs to be what you like the best, it’s important not to succumb to pressure to please everyone with what you choose. Your bridal consultant will also have an easier time helping you. 

  1. Come with the right undergarments

Having the right undergarments will help best bring out the wedding dress you choose. Since the majority of wedding dresses are white, sheer and various shades of ivory you will look amazing if you bring nude underwear.

  1. Eat well before your appointment

Wedding dress shopping in Kenya can be very tiring. It’s important to eat well before you get to the Nairobi Bridal Boutique appointment so that you have all the energy you require for the activity. It is also not advisable to come with food and drinks to the bridal shop in order to avoid spillages. You do not want to have to pay for a dress you did not like because you spilt coffee or food on it.

  1. Wear minimal makeup

During your wedding dress appointment in Nairobi, be sure to put on minimal or no make-up because everything you will try on at the bridal shop is ivory or a shade of ivory. If you put on too much make-up, it will stain the wedding dresses you try on and you may be asked to foot the bill to clean them if indeed they are not spoiled in which case you will have to purchase them. As you well know, you are on a wedding budget and you cannot afford to spend on items that are not on your list of priorities.

Bridal shop appointments should help you make a decision on your dress as early as possible. Following the above advice helps you make the best decision more efficiently allowing you to focus on the many other items on your wedding plan. Book your appointment at Sidai Brides today!

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