Wedding Dress Shopping Don’ts


Last week, we covered what you should do as you shop for your wedding dress. Today we cover what to avoid at all costs since you only have so much time to plan your wedding. We want you to love and cherish your time buying a wedding dress in Nairobi so let’s begin.

  1. Don’t shop without a budget

Smart wedding dress shopping requires you to set a budget before you book your appointment at a bridal shop in Nairobi. This allows you to guide your bridal consultant appropriately in showing you the dresses within your budget. It also helps you avoid having to change your budget all the time to accommodate new things.

  1. Don’t rule anything out

When you start looking for your dream wedding dress, you imagine that you have to have a certain style of dress that you saw in a certain movie, at your friend’s wedding or in a glossy magazine. While all these choices are definitely good, it’s important to have an open mind while shopping for a wedding dress in Nairobi. There are many styles and designers to choose from, it will be good for you if you decide to check what the bridal shop is offering.

  1. Don’t be afraid to say no to what you don’t like

While it is important to exercise open-mindedness, you have your preferences when it comes to bridal fashion. There are some styles you would rather wear and some that just do not make sense for you and that’s totally OK. Since you have the final say on the wedding dress choice you can say no if the styles being proposed don’t seem good for you.

  1. Don’t get a wedding dress that requires too many alterations

Wedding dress alterations can be costly since they are made at a separate cost from the dress itself. Instead of making too many alterations, you could get a different wedding dress that will require minimal modifications then use the extra cash to get beautiful accessories to go with your dress.

  1. Don’t judge a wedding dress on its hanger

Before you wear a dress, it can be easy to dismiss it. You can only know how good a dress looks on you if you fit it. There’s something about wearing a dress and noticing how you feel in it that’s key in helping you figure out whether that dress is appropriate for you. If you see a wedding dress that looks attractive, give it a chance, wear it, you may be surprised!

  1. Don’t shop without a wedding date.

It is important to shop for a wedding dress with a definite wedding date in place. This will come in handy to manage the logistics of fitting and modifications in the appropriate time. When you are planning a wedding, time flies, you never seem to have enough days to do everything. You want your wedding dress to be ready just in time for the wedding.

  1. Don’t go without an appointment

Choosing a wedding dress requires the utmost care and concentration. Scheduling appointments ensures that you are given the utmost attention by your bridal consultant in Nairobi so that you are able to choose the best wedding dress in Kenya. The risk of walking in is that you may not receive the attention you require to choose the best wedding dress for your big day.

Wedding dress shopping in Nairobi is supposed to be fun. Please pay attention to these because with this advice you will definitely have a much easier time shopping for your big day 

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