6 Types Wedding Dress Adjustments To Consider

Once you have found the wedding dress of your dreams, it will most likely need some alterations to really make the dress truly yours. What alterations should you look out for to make the dress absolutely stunning?

  1. The hem

The majority of wedding dress manufacturers always create dresses that are long so that they can fit the tall bride. If you are shorter, you will definitely need to make adjustments to the hem.

  1. Taking the hips & waist in/out

African brides mostly need to make hip and waist adjustments to their wedding dresses. This is because many of us do not have conventional body sizes that rhyme with global size charts. This is however specific to some types of dresses like the mermaid dresses which require the dress to fit you like a glove for it to look good.

  1. In & Out around the chest

Many wedding dresses come with larger busts that may need to be reduced in order to look great. If your chest is larger/smaller the dress may need to be adjusted accordingly in order to ensure it looks awesome on you. This also allows you not to see any spaces in the dress when you look down.

  1. The Straps

Say you have found the ideal dress but you do not like that it has long sleeves. You may need to adjust it accordingly to show off your beautiful arms. For modest brides, you may have found a beautiful sleeveless dress that you would want to add sleeves to.

  1. Waist stays

These are recommended for strapless dresses that are trendy right now. A waist stay comes in handy to enable you to avoid pulling your strapless dress up and down all the time since it prevents movement. It allows the dress to stay in place. This helps you feel comfortable during your wedding.

  1. Neckline alterations

Some brides want their wedding dress necklines to be altered either to open or close them based on preferences. To help your tailor-make this work, it is recommended that you come with inspiration from photographs or wedding magazines. This will help them visualize what you’d like in order to reduce alteration time and cost.

Wedding dress alterations are a must-have if your dress will become perfect. As all alterations usually come at a price, it is advisable that you consult with your preferred wedding shop to know how much you will need to spend based on the alteration needed. Book an appointment with us today to begin your search for your dream wedding dress in Nairobi!

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