Shopping for a Plus-Size Wedding Dress in Nairobi, Kenya


Every bride wants their wedding dress to be perfect. In the wedding gown department, there’s absolutely no taking chances . To be honest, it can be a real challenge getting the perfect plus size wedding gown in Kenya. We’ve put together a few pointers that will show you how best to approach searching for the perfect gown for your perfect day.

  1. What’s your budget?

All brides need to have a substantial budget for a wedding dress in Nairobi that will make them feel the most special and the most beautiful on their special day. At Sidai Brides, we believe that a bride should pull all the stops to look and feel their best on their wedding day. They have to be the top, bottom, left, right and centre of attention literally . A bomb plus-size wedding dress may require you to budget a bit higher to get exactly what you want.

  1. Do not worry about the size

When you visit bridal shops in Nairobi, you may be discouraged because they may not have your size. Not to worry, just book that appointment at Sidai Brides, your bridal consultant will ensure that you get exactly what you want for your big day. In case they do not have your size in the bridal shop, they will make arrangements for you to get your ideal plus-size wedding dress. Do not be afraid, just book that appointment today, your wedding dress awaits!

  1. You may need to make alterations

The majority of wedding dresses for African brides need alterations. This is because our bodies defy all the dress size requirements and it definitely is what makes us beautiful in and out. When you are shopping for a plus size wedding dress it will be important to ensure that you factor in an alteration budget since you will most probably have to alter the dress a little for it to be perfect for you.

  1. Comfort is key

When you try on the wedding dress, how do you feel? Can you move comfortably? As you shop for your plus size wedding dress in Nairobi Kenya, make sure that the material is comfortable enough. The style that you choose is also key to comfort. For the most beautiful and comfortable time during your wedding celebration, you cannot go wrong with sheath styles.

  1. Do not be afraid to experiment.

We know that a bride always has a stellar picture of what her wedding dress should look until she starts trying on some. As you shop, be a little open-minded, you never know what you will find. It just might be your dream dress.

Plus-size wedding dress shopping in Kenya is challenging but totally doable. Plus-size brides all over the world get the wedding dresses of their dreams; it takes just a little more effort. We welcome you to book an appointment to start your search at Sidai Brides. We promise to help you find your dream plus-size wedding dress.


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