Of New Beginnings


It’s that time of the year again! 2021 is still in its first days and as is the norm, there are new resolutions, some are taking stock of their lives, you know the drill. As healthy humans, we need to look back and figure out what is working, what’s not and so forth. In truth, 2020 was a year we all wanted not to have been the way it was but it came, it passed and albeit the challenges, we were rewarded with a new year and a new slate. So what lessons can we take from 2020 into 2021?

  1. Appreciate the little things

In 2020, everyone in the world experienced a sort of lock-down. Some countries are still knee-deep in the 2nd or 3rd lock-down in order to ensure their safety. We need to have an appreciation of things like the freedom to go wherever you want whenever, the ability to be with your families because this past year, it was not that easy. Being grateful for the little things goes a long way for your physical and mental well-being.

  1. Your health is important

They say health is wealth. With increasing COVID-19 cases all through 2020 and no sign of a vaccine, at some point, everyone was in fear because of what could happen in case you got infected. With vaccines approved all over the world, we now have some reprieve. For many, it took a pandemic to learn that health is important. This new year, make it a priority to ensure that your physical and mental well-being is great.

  1. Listen to yourself

Many a time, we find ourselves ignoring the inner voice that tells you, rest a little, be kind to yourself and so much more. This year, prioritize listening to yourself and looking after your needs. You absolutely will not have any regrets with this!

New years are an opportunity to make changes that could help you enjoy your life even more. Make the changes count! As you make the changes you need to this year, remember we are here for you on all matters weddings! We look forward to awesome, beautiful and the most memorable weddings in 2021!



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